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Are your aerial orthophotos and satellite data accurate?
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Accuracy Analyst is a simple, fast, and complete workflow solution to verify the accuracy and quality of orthophotos. This software's consistent methods and readily understood capabilities benefit the planner, producer, customer, or end user of orthophotos. With AA 3.0 within minutes you can prove you are producing, delivering, buying, or using 'best available data.' Use AA 3.0 to meet accuracy standards, produce reports that authoritatively document products, verify data purchased meet specs, and meet needs for accurate, reliable orthophotos. Our customers have told us, "When we deliver products with Accuracy Analyst our customers are pleased. We get paid faster!"

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According to our customers, "with the release of Accuracy Analyst 3.0, a great tool has become even better." AA 3.0 implements major enhancements, improves on already great reporting, and delivers the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Accuracy and QC: AA 3.0 is a comprehensive orthophoto verification and QC review tool.
  • Professional Documentation: Comprehensive reports from AA support the accuracy and quality of products.
  • Game Changing: Complete results within hours means you can cost effectively verify all ortho products.
  • Compliance: Statistical results satisfy all major accuracy standards (NSSDA, ASPRS, NMAS, and MIL).
  • Fast Answers: Within minutes produce conclusive results. Do my products meet spec?
  • No Lost Time: Quickly installed and mastered, with AA your team can implement and produce within hours.
  • Standalone: Does not depend on other software tools or platforms for implementation and operation.
  • Shared Analytics: Accuracy and QC results are easily understood by producers, customers, and users.
  • Understanding: Through effective methods, tools, and reports, users better understand product accuracy.
  • Intuitive and Dynamic: Easily mastered user interface for zooming, panning, and trail tracking controls
  • Flexible: Options control, ancillary data loading, image chip generation, and more...

AA 3.0 enables producers to seamlessly deliver verified data to customers, provides customers with tools to review, provide feedback, and accept data in new and powerful ways, and lets users Map With Confidence!

Accuracy Analyst is a Windows-based software tool that enables rapid verification and review of Orthophoto data from single images to large data collections.

OS Requirements: Accuracy Analyst requires Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or more recent releases of Microsoft Windows OS. For Windows 7 systems, some redistribution files may be needed prior to installation. Please see the install notes for further details.

Dependencies: Accuracy Analyst requires .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1. The .NET framework and service packs are available without cost via the internet from

Minimum System Requirements: A screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024 is required. System configurations should include a CPU with speed greater than 1 GHz, 1GB or more of system memory, and local, attached, or high performance network storage for data access.

Recommended Configurations: For ideal performance, users should consider multi-processor systems with CPU speeds in excess of 2GHz with 3GB of system memory and a dedicated graphics card. Typical user configurations may include multiple monitors which can make using Accuracy Analyst, Photo Book, and ReViewer tools more efficient and effective. Screen resolutions higher than 1280 x 1024 are recommended and it should be noted that a high resolution monitor and a dedicated graphics card can dramatically enhance performance of orthophoto verification and review.

Inputs: Accuracy Analyst automates the verification and QA process by using input data and interfaces that have been streamlined to support workflows vital to accuracy verification and quality control and assurance of orthophoto data collections. Necessary inputs include image data (single image or large tiled collections), a shapefile tile index for multi-image projects, surveyed checkpoint data saved as comma-separated values (CSV) files, ground photos of survey checkpoints (optional), and ancillary shape files for features of interest such as seam lines, road data, bridges, and water bodies (optional).

The following links are provided for user documentation:

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"We really like the speed with which control can me measured and a professional looking RMSE report can be generated for large projects. The benefits are two-fold when we can verify our accuracy with ease and provide the client with a detailed report they can understand and feel comfortable about the product quality."

Chris Schnell, Aerometric
Imaging & Terrain Department Manager

Steve Kasten, CP, PLS, PSM, Vice President of Surveying and Photogrammetry, indicated that one employee with two hours of training generated accuracy reports on five projects in less than a day. "The fact that Accuracy Analyst is a standalone program, not an extension to another (more complex and more expensive) software tool, contributes significantly to its ease of use, for ourselves and for our clients."

"Accuracy Analyst provides Surdex with a quick, easy to use software tool to validate the accuracy of an image product. The software allows us to load field sketches and control photos to reduce point identification errors. It also allows us to forward the final database to our clients for additional product validation. The final reports generated by AA are professional, complete and accurate allowing Surdex the ability to provide high quality validation of our products. We love the software."

"It's a standalone program, it's easy to use, the output is consistent, and the most important benefit to my department is the significant time savings."

Steve Kasten, Surdex
VP Surveying and Photogrammetric

Steve Kasten and Chuck O'Hara at Surdex
Steve Kasten and Chuck O'Hara at Surdex

"I'm very impressed with the report. It uses the statistics and testing methodology of the National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA). This makes it an excellent tool for clients, and I look forward to the day when government agencies at all levels use it as rigorous, authoritative proof of the spatial accuracy of all the imagery they collect and use."

Craig Molander, Surdex
Senior Vice President of Business Development

"...I am a strong proponent of the software. Aerial Services now uses it for QC and Surdex has been using it even longer. Craig from Surdex did a presentation for us in April at the Iowa Geographic Information Council's bi-annual conference. When Iowa counties ask me about their aerial imagery projects and/or horizontal accuracy I tell them about SIS and the aerial companies using SIS software. Most Iowa counties do not have the skills or personnel to use the software in-house. I still want them to be aware that horizontal accuracy is important and that they need to be assured of the accuracy of their imagery."

Paula Lemke
Cerro Gordo County GIS

According to the Inter Agency Digital Image Working Group (IADIWG), Accuracy Analyst "provides a compelling example of how our digital image data may be efficiently and consistently checked and automatically documented to ensure that the data meets the accuracy needs of local, state, and federal agencies for current and future imagery and mapping." Accuracy Analyst "provides capabilities of significant value to government and to industry for automated, efficient, and rapid and consistent verification of orthophoto data. This software is especially useful for the planning, collection, and use of checkpoint data needed to assure the quality and accuracy of high resolution image data."

Greg Stensaas, USGS
Remote Sensing Technologies Project Manager
IADIWG Chair and JACIE Co-Chair

"The Floodplain Mapping Program and the Department of Transportation have already indicated that the reports automatically created by Accuracy Analyst are acceptable." He summarized by saying, "In other words, the use of this single package let us deliver more analytical results than we could manually, all in a standardized report that meets agencies' needs, while at the same time simplifying the process."

Steve Kaufman, North Carolina Geodetic Survey
GIS Manager

Chuck visits with SIS customer (Tom Asbeck) at Spring 2011 ASPRS
Chuck visits with SIS customer
(Tom Asbeck) at Spring 2011 ASPRS

The reports for the North Carolina project will help clearly verify that products meet accuracy and quality specifications for the project. (PE&RS article)

Ryan Elizabeth Bowe
a GIS Technician for Photo Science

"While the time savings are nice, the thing we really like is the report Accuracy Analyst generates. It's got everything our clients ask for - and more."

Chris Berggren, Aerial Services, Inc.
Project Manager and AT Specialist

Chuck giving first live demo of Topo Analyst at NOAA's Coastal Geotools
Chuck giving first live demo
of Topo Analyst at NOAA's Coastal Geotools
SIS exhibiting with CompassData at the ASPRS 2011 Spring Conference
SIS exhibiting with CompassData
at the ASPRS 2011 Spring Conference

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